PROGRAMME 1: Corporate Administration

The administration programme provides support to the other programmes within MKI that are focussed on assisting learners and educators in preparing them for employment and other economic opportunities in the South African marketplace. The support offered includes providing strategic direction, integration and co-ordination of activities, support on finance and supply chain activities, performance-based monitoring and evaluation, human resource management services, facilities management services, marketing, business development and communication services. It is a transversal programme aimed at improving and maintaining the effective and efficient functioning of the operational activities and ensuring good governance.


  Sub-programme 1.1. – Office of the CEO:

The Office of the CEO provides overall strategic direction, leadership and management for MKI. It ensures that there is alignment across the operational programmes, is responsible for the implementation of strategy, policy and directives of the Board and has direct oversight over legal services. The Office is responsible for the development of the Annual Performance Plans, Annual Reports and ensuring that the strategic and annual performance plan targets are achieved.

  Sub-programme 1.2. – Business Development, Marketing and Awareness:

The Business Development, Marketing and Communications unit provides support to the operations of the institute by securing partnerships for the delivery of STEM skills development. It establishes and maintains effective communication within MKI, shareholder and external stakeholders. This sub-programme also employs varied systems and strategies aimed at enhancing brand awareness, increased knowledge about MKI’s programme offerings as well as engaging potential funding partners/donors to raise funds in order to increase MKI’s offering in relation to STEM Skills Training and for the STEM Innovation Fund.

  Sub-programme 1.3. – Finance:

The Finance and Supply Chain Management (SCM) sub-programme supports the operations of the MKI through providing financial and SCM services. In addition, the sub-programme provides support in contract management, entity performance monitoring, reporting and budgetary support to all programmes. It is responsible for the development internal controls to enable effective and efficient financial and SCM process compliant with the PFMA and policies of the MKI.

  Sub-programme 1.4. – Corporate Services:

The Corporate Services sub-programme comprises Human Resource Management and Development, monitoring and evaluation (performance validation services) and information technology services. The sub-programme also provides facilities management co-ordination.


PROGRAMME 2: Skills Development Partnerships

The programme on skills development partnership in STEM focuses on vocationally oriented skills training within the Science, Engineering and Technology fields. Specifically, the programme project manages funds provided by and leveraged from Sector Education Training Authorities through sub-contracting service providers who deliver training content to people as part of learnerships, apprenticeships and artisanal training.

PROGRAMME 3: Stem Academic Support And Development

The STEM Academic Development and Support programme provides support in an interdisciplinary and applied approach through STEM Academic Development and partnerships for STEM resources development and provision of innovative approaches to formal and informal STEM learning. The programme provides and manages financial support to secondary schools in terms of resources required by learners, educators and schools as well as bursaries for tertiary level students focused on studies in the STEM fields. In 2018-19, the programme will initiate a broader research and development sub-programme that will produce topical research products and services in terms of the revised mandate.

Sub-programme 1.1. – STEM Academic Support and Development:

The sub-programme provides and manages financial support for learners in grades 10-12 in identified schools aimed at supporting and improving access to STEM careers and occupations. The sub-programme facilitates recognized STEM capacity development interventions, infrastructure and resources aimed at delivering effective teaching and learning in STEM Schools. The STEM Graduate Development sub-programme oversees and manages the provision of bursaries to tertiary level students.

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Sub-programme 1.2. – Research and Development:

The sub-programme manages research and development projects on behalf of MKI. The final research agenda for 2018-19 will be determined in consultation with EDTEA and its public entities. Additional resources will be applied in the programme to build internal capacity and development research based partnerships.

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