DUT And MKI Encourages Students To Be Innovators And Entrepreneurs

On 17 April 2018 MKI and the Durban University of Technology (DUT) hosted the second lecture series which focused on Innovation and Entrepreneurship within the Maritime sector. Mr Ranveer Persad, who is the MKI Acting Chief Executive Officer (ACEO) gave an overview and purpose of the event and also encouraged students to use the skills that they have acquired from DUT to be innovative to come up with solutions to work environment.

Nomalanga Sokhela, the Acting Ethekwini Maritime Cluster (EMC) Managing Director provided a brief background about EMC. Sokhela also encouraged students not to be shy to come up with new ideas and to familiarize themselves with what is happening in their sector. “You guys are the future of this country, when you go out there to the field you will be competing with other people from the entire world”, She said. She also encouraged students to be familiar with the Maritime transport policy

Lindana Hlongwane, from Transnet also echoed Nomalanga’s sentiments by affirming that there is a huge need for new developments in the maritime sector. “we need young people like yourselves that will advise on new strategies to solve current problems, cut costs and increase revenue; therefore, we need you more than you need us,” added Hlongwane.

Students were given an opportunity to engage with speakers to share their ideas and suggestions towards the advancing of the maritime industry.

Samukelisiwe Zulu, A second year Nautical studies student expressed her gratitude to be part of this lecture series “thank you for such opportunity as it has enlightened us on what we should expect in the industry when we complete our qualifications,” she said.

As per agreement between the two institutions, a total of five lecture series are expected to be held.

Thus far, two have already has been hosted. For each lecture, MKI and DUT select a theme and relevant speakers to allow wide dialogue around each event.

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